Watch 9 Videos That Capture Tilda Swinton’s Glorious Eccentricity

This weekend’s news that Tilda Swinton was sleeping in a glass box at MoMA wasn’t exactly met with mouth-agape befuddlement. Even those oblivious to the fact that she’s done the piece before in London and Rome weren’t particularly surprised. It’s just the type of out-there yet chic thing Tilda Swinton would do. She’s always been like a stunning alien who really understands the aesthetics of this planet (and has an AOL e-mail address). She has the type of eccentricity you want to take a long bath in. So we assembled a bunch of videos that allow you to do exactly that. Fill up the tub; Swinton will provide the arty bubbles.


“The Legend of Leigh Bowery” (My Idol)

The Legend of Leigh Bowery”, a film by Charles Atlas.

Leigh Bowery is the world’s original party monster.

THE LEGEND OF LEIGH BOWERY is an in-depth and revealing tribute to an outrageous and outlandish artist. Whether he was making headdresses out of toilet seats, or giving birth to a full-grown woman in a nightclub. Bowery defined London’s culture of outrage and influenced a generation of artists and designers on both sides of the Atlantic. He was also the muse and model for preeminent British painter Lucian Freud. Features appearances by Donald Urquhart, Steve Blame, Gary Glitter, Rachel Auburn, Nicola Bateman-Bowery, Michael Clark, William Feaver, Robyn Healy, Lorcan O’Neill, Alan Pillay, Stewart Laing, Michael Bracewell, Michael Kostiff, Boy George, Tom Bowery, Bronwyn Bowery, Sue Tilley, Ann Holt, Richard Torry, Stevie Stewart, Trojan and Rifat Ozbek

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Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides before they devastate bee populations in the USA

To: Environmental Protection Agency

“Neonicotinoid, known as “neonics” for short, is a farm pesticide produced primarily by the German chemical giant Bayer, widely used in the U.S. to coat a massive 142 million acres of corn, wheat, soy and cotton seeds. They are also common ingredients in many home gardening products. However, Healthy bee populations are essential to the production of our food. Bees are attracted to floral nectars and help pollinate the plant, allowing it to reproduce. Therefore, without honey bees, our lives would be impoverished by a general lack of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other bee-pollinated plant products like corn, apples, oranges, lemons, broccoli, onions, blueberries, cherries, avocados, and many more.

Unfortunately, our widespread use of neonicotinoid pesticides is causing a dramatic decline in honey bee populations. The USDA projects that this year’s corn crop will cover 94 million acres, all of which will be planted with seeds treated with neonicotinoid pesticides. In small doeses these pesticides damage the bees’ immune systems and homing abilities; in large doses the pesticides are lethal.

Sign the petition to put pressure on the EPA to ban the use of these pesticides in order to protect the long-term health of our food system!

Click to find out more about or nation’s bee populations and the imminent threat posed by neonicotinoid pesticides:

HILARIOUS propoganda video released from N. Korea

” Christina D’Angelo | March 29, 2013 | 0 Comments

While Glittersnipe cannot confirm the legitimacy of the translated voice over in this video, if you’ve read the government-sponsored fables North Korea cooks up, then this shouldn’t surprise you.

What we can confirm, however, that while the Korean Central News Agency reported today that the military dictatorship was “trembling with towering anger at the U.S. and the South Korean military hooligans,” the state-run agency also announced that it is “leek season.”

The KCNA reports that leeks are perennial plants that appear in the early spring and are “unique in taste and odor.” The article continues with the various nutrients and “antibiotics” that leeks offer and says the onions are:

“good for diuretic, leaves and stalks for stanching and bulb for diarrhea. Also leek is efficacious for curing gastroenteritis, bronchitis and nervous prostration.”

We don’t know to where they’re leaving, or whom they’re stalking, but we’re not too sure about stanching a bulb for diarrhea because that sounds downright unpleasant. Speaking of which, leeks are also recommend for various dishes including “bun stuffing.” And if you see someone in your office having a “nervous prostration,” we hope you’ve got bowl of Vichyssoise handy or that girl might get out of hand.

Leeks, according to the KCNA are “considered one of the national memorial service’s food.” We have no idea what that means.”