Jean – Michel Basquiat legendado:

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a dear friend of mine. I met him right when he was becoming very famous. This documentary is a wonderful look into an extraordinary and complex mind. I remember the night he died as if it was yesterday. I thought for years, like many, that he died far too soon. Today I believe that he did what he was here to do then split. He was lovely, seductive, beyond his years wise and generous to a fault. So many friend died around that time that people like myself became sort of numb to it. We didn’t have time to process the extreme loss. That happened much later in my case and it continues to happen still. It makes me sad that his work is still not accepted by some racist art historians, The Museum of Modern Art in New York City or the Whitney Museum where they belong. Perhaps at this point they don’t deserve them. Hope you enjoy this great documentary.


“Marilyn On Marilyn”

“Documentary with rare Marilyn 1960 and 1962 audio interviews and rare footage.”

This is the undisputed BEST documentary of Marilyn Monroe. From her own voice. She rarely did in depth interviews about her life. She was honest and open. No “Dumb Blonde” here. She is a funny, sensitive, open, compassionate and slightly sad, but in a way that many of us that had unsatisfying family life in our youths can identify easily with. It’s a sadness that one adapts to and uses it to fuel our humor and lightness. It’s a sadness that does not need pity. From this sadness much strength can be garnered. I am awestruck by her courageous candor and authenticity. She wasn’t a phony liar. She was sexually liberated way before her time. She risked a lot not allowing herself to be pushed around by her studios. She was incredibly generous with herself, time and money. People took advantage of her kindness. I think she has been grossly misunderstood and misrepresented and obviously under-estimated. Her power was far more formidable than she knew herself. The Kennedy Brothers found that out the hard way. Their legacy will be tarnished forever for taking advantage of and lying to her. She was used and abused. She was persistent. She was murdered. I am nearly certain of it.

This link should take you to all 5 parts, otherwise view it on youtube.





I could watch her all day long. There are few people I feel more identification with like I do with her. There are so many amazing quotes from her in this piece. What’s your favorite?