Zimmerman Murder in the Second Degree Case

George Zimmerman controlled and is entirely responsible for the scenario surrounding the homicide of Trayvon Martin from the moment he initially saw him walking back to where he was staying with his family.  Having his hoodie up in the rain and #WalkingWhileBlack which sadly labeled him a suspicious “Asshole” to Zimmerman, who was allegedly out in his car grocery shopping.  He wasn’t on Neighborhood Watch duty that night and they are ONLY supposed to be the eyes and ears for law enforcement, NEVER to engage with potentially suspicious people.  Trayvon was in a happy mood speaking with his funny friend on his blue tooth wireless headset, trying to keep out of what was described as “torrential” rain at times, rushing to watch the All Star Basketball game he had been looking forward to.  Zimmerman, an adult, wannabe movie styled cop with a 3000lb vehicle, fully loaded firearm which you can hear him cock as he identified his surname to the Non- Emergency operator while he chased down who he referred to as “the suspect” TM after being told that they didn’t need him to do so.  He had the police in his ear on his phone, the knowledge that the police were en route to his location arriving eminently.  His life was not in any danger whatsoever.  He was  completely safe and fully protected with every single possibility in his favor including possession of his concealed fire arm and training in the use of it, he was trained in and practiced Mixed Martial Arts 3X per week, 6 hours per week and worked out “Hard” according to his trainer.  He was also educated in police procedure from college courses he took which included “self defense law” which was essentially a “How To” answer in police interrogations & communication. He allegedly aced and got graded an “A” on an assignment paper he wrote about “The  Castle Doctrine” also known as the “Stand Your Ground” law which states that a person may justifiably use deadly force in self-defense when there is “reasonable belief” of an unlawful threat, without an obligation to retreat first (He later, against legal advice, he blatantly and bold faced lied about having any knowledge of the Stand Your Ground law during an interview that was FULL of inconsistencies and other lies despite being rehearsed and prepared by his B.F.F who is also a cop Mark Osterman on the biased and slanted toward Zimmerman’s defense “Hannity Show” Fox news.) Trayvon had just turned 17 years old a couple of weeks earlier had his phone, an iced tea and a bag of candy walking in the rain dodging in and out of shelter from the rain, unaware that he was unsafe and in danger in this gated community.  He was not protected at all from this over-zealous, daily Adderall taking as well as other stimulants, which are not being entered into evidence which would answer to GZ  which could speak to GZ’s being psychologically unstable, delusional, abusive. racist, rage monster whom had several reported aggressive run ins with other innocent, mostly African American people minding their own business.  TM was taken completely by surprise by this worst case scenario he had unfortunately entered.  He was in the dark in the rain with a profiling creepy sociopath creating a non existent criminal situation that would end his life, feet from where he was staying within minutes. GZ is responsible for every single event which occurred that night no ifs, ands or buts about it!  He is GUILTY! Were it not for the actions of GZ, TM would have simply finished walking home to watch the All Star game.  GZ first in his own mind then from his own lips then by his own actions created this situation entirely on his own.  TM fought to save his own life if in fact he was fighting  The evidence is unclear about that, from this creep with a gun who first followed him then chased him down confronted him and when he lost control of the situation he killed him with a clean shot straight through the heart…he knew all along the police where on route already and had no business confronting ANYBODY much less an innocent unarmed teen minding his own business what so ever!  The defense attempting to enter a miniscule amount of THC which could have even been second hand as well as his “swaying” which is a typical form of walking if further evidence that the defense is grasping at straws to blame the victim for his unnecessary murder.  Blood was drawn from TM and none from GZ, THE MURDERER.  If either of them were “high,” it was Zimmerman.  I hope the jury is wise enough to see through the defense’s weak case.